Velveeta Mac

This week, I wanted to start with something easy and I get used to my new apartment kitchen. My previous experience is limited beyond the scope of ramen noodles and oven pizza. So I combined the best of both worlds and decided on making some Velveeta mac from scratch (and by scratch I mean with pre-made Velveeta).




pasta, Velveeta, milk, pepper


Internal monologue: Should pasta smoke this much? Am I going to set off the fire alarms? Why does it keep trying to bubble over?


Velveeta is a very strange thing. Not only was I unsure how much cheese “product” to use, it took me a few minutes to realize that Velveeta needs heat to melt and the burner needed to be on. With necessary corrections (including putting WAY too much milk in on the first try), I was able to make an edible version of mac n cheese.


Emily: 1 Kitchen: 0

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