I’m not chicken Chicken Pot Pie

Last week I brought you the ease of Velveeta Mac as a warm-up for this dish: chicken pot hand pies. I went out a few days before and bought all my ingredients (including my first purchase of an onion!) and waited in anticipation for the trial and potential error of this recipe.


Baby Carrots


Pie Crust

Chicken Stock



Shredded Chicken

This meal was a struggle, to say the least, and filled with many mistakes. Mistake number one: cutting the chicken instead of just cooking it whole to make shredding easier.


Mistake number two: skinning the potatoes in a difficult manner. The skin is actually not that hard to remove and I didn’t need to slice so much of the potato off.


Mistake number three: using way too much onion. Who knew it was so potent.


Mistake number four: drowning my poor concoction in a tidal wave of chicken broth.



And the finale of all Clueless Cook mistakes:

Originally, these were supposed to be hand pies but after making the filling, I realized that logistically it just wasn’t going to happen. So with the help of my special guest, Chase, we reattached the previously cut squares.


With many trials and tribulations, we made a chicken pot pie nearly from scratch. Two of my three roommates ate it and not once did we dial 911 or run to the bathroom. It’s not going to rival your grandmother’s, but it was edible.


Emily: 2 Kitchen: 0

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