Rest in Pieces: Chicken Parm Nuggs

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work.” -Thomas Edison

This is just what I’ve done this week. I have found two very specific ways that do not work for cooking.

Way 1 that will not work:


And way 2 takes us to this week’s recipe: Parmesan Chicken Nuggets.

It was a Thursday, beautiful weather and a day to produce the greatest Clueless Cook recipe yet. I was bright-eyed and full of hope. I gathered my ingredients, including Panko bread crumbs that took me 10 minutes to find at Hyvee. I laid the spread in front of my eyes, preparing the nuggs for their transformation


Dredge, dip, dredge, done. It seemed so simple.


There they were, my Panko parm crusted beauties., ready to meet the skillet.






Instant disaster ensued. The oil was too hot, I couldn’t save them all. I couldn’t even save one little nugg.


RIP: Rest in Pieces

Kitchen: 1 Emily: 2


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