Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta

After the utter failure of last week, I lowered my cooking standards and set sight on Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta. It seemed relatively easy and only used four ingredients. Bread, mushrooms, already chopped garlic to avoid actual work and some olive oil; I can handle this.


I added the mushrooms to a pan with hot olive oil and a little garlic. So far, so good.


Oh, better add more oil to get these babies really searing, right?


Let me tell you what happens when you add oil to a very hot pan. Pain. Pain happens. After being viciously attacked by popping oil, I removed the mushrooms and began to toast the bread.


Totally nailed this part.

And the finished product:


If this looks unappetizing, it’s because it was. Bread and mushrooms do not make a meal (Brushchetta, more like brushita, am I right?). 

Emily: 3 Kitchen: 1

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