Lemon Blueberry Bread


Hi and welcome back to The Clueless Cook. This week’s culinary victim was lemon blueberry bread (recipe here).  It looked simple enough but with a few complicated twists to keep things interesting. For starters, zesting a lemon is much harder than it sounds; and getting a full tablespoon of it is quite a few lemons. Secondly, the instructions called for a stand or hand mixer, neither of which a broke college student such as myself has, so I did the mixing with a wooden spoon.


That’s a lot of ingredients.

Step 1:  mix the dry ingredients together with the zest

Step 2: mix the wet ingredients together

Step 3: mix everything together with blueberries


The reason I don’t have pictures of steps 1 and 2 or even the zesting of the lemon was because the whole process had me kind of like this:


And a little like this:


But I had the dough, put it in the oven and began making the lemon syrup. It smelled kind of like Hell was having a bake sale. Didn’t work out very well.


In my opinion, a bread that calls for a syrup AND a glaze is high maintenance- but I did it. It didn’t look anything like the picture and tasted of disappointment. I was expecting more of a sweet pound cake type of bread and it just tasted like white bread with a lemon on top and some blueberries.


Emily: 3 Kitchen: 2

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