Pan-Seared Salmon (from Hades)

Let me start by saying I just wanted some dang salmon.

Pan-searing is a popular alternative to grilling fish. Try it, the Internet said. It’ll be easy, the Internet said.

I followed the instructions exactly. Heat pan for three minutes over medium heat, add salmon (coated in olive oil) and turn the pan up to high. Check. Then flip and sear for five more minutes. Check?

Not check.


This is the last picture I took before shiz hit the fan and my stove nearly caught fire. I turned my head for less than ten seconds and then this:




The room began to fill with eye-burning smoke and a foul smell. The smoke alarms went off not once, but TWICE. I had to remove my steaming entree and take it outside of my building where another resident kindly told me “hey, it happens.” I sat on those cold stairs, in my pajamas, for five minutes.


It’s hard to see the smoky sheen left from my shame. I would also like to take this time to apologize to my roommates for nearly suffocating them.

Emily:4 Kitchen: 3

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