Chicken Chile Lime Soup

After the near death experience of salmon from last week, I wanted to try making a soup. How can you screw up a soup? Answer: you can’t.


I used pre shredded rotisserie chicken instead of raw chicken to increase my odds of success. If I’ve learned anything over the course of my blog, it’s that I usually screw up when it comes to cooking the meat.

I chopped the onions without crying, and added the very pathetic amount of ingredients to the pan to “tenderize.”


So far, so good.  I added the rest of the ingredients to the pot, which looked a bit… regurgitated. It didn’t help that I used a large pot when a smaller one would’ve been more efficient.


This stuff smelled awesome. It tasted great, too. Except for one teeny, tiny detail…

It was a wee bit spicy.


Definitely a dish I’d make in the future with a few adjustments.

Emily: 5 Kitchen: 3

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