Witches Gruel (Chicken Noodle Soup)

Welcome to part 1 of my Halloween-themed cooking post. After experiencing mild success with soup last week, I gave homemade chicken noodle soup a try.


Step 1: Gather the ingredients mentioned in spell book


2 cans Oil of Boil

1 bag of shredded bat meat

7-8 dead man’s toes, cut into pieces

1/2 package frozen slug noodles

Some onion, because it’s already witchy enough



Step 2: Stir it in my Witch’s Brew

IMG_2035 IMG_2036 IMG_2038

Step 3: Alakazamakazoo


This dish turned out really well. A few mistakes: I used pre-shredded rotisserie chicken that I had frozen from last week, which wasn’t as flavorful and quite dry. In the spirit of healthy living, I used reduced-sodium chicken broth. Comfort food is not the place to try to be healthy.

Emily: 6 Kitchen: 3


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