Light Fettuccine Alfredo

My boyfriend and I just celebrated our year and a half anniversary. So I figured why not continue the celebration and make him eat my potentially terrible food? Just kidding. Welcome to date night with Chef Em.










Fettuccine noodles



Chicken Stock



Step 1: cook garlic over medium-low heat until tender

Step 2: add all wet ingredients and noodles

Step 3: let noodles cook in mixture for 20 minutes, add a LOT of parmesan cheese

Truthfully, i added way too much parm. There were slimy globs of cheese that made me gag.





IMG_2158Voila. Homemade fettuccine without heavy cream or cream cheese. Plus a side of garlic bread. It was actually delicious and made me feel very accomplished.

One of the biggest perks of this meal is that it’s lighter on dairy than regular recipes. It’s great for a people like me who are more sensitive to dairy.

Until next time.


Emily: 9 Kitchen: 3

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