Potato Soup

I’ve made it to the end of the fall semester… what better food to accompany me through finals than some soothing and creamy baked potato soup. I also really wanted to give my Crockpot another shot after last week’s disaster.

IMG_2381Ingredients (not pictured this week): Potatoes, cream of chicken soup, cream cheese, ranch seasoning, chicken stock, “real bacon pieces” 

Step 1: Chop potatoes into small sections. This photo (left) is just one potato. I worried that two potatoes wouldn’t be enough- I was wrong!

Step 2: I had no idea what “real bacon pieces” meant or how to find them at the grocery store. Apparently, they’re like bacon bits but not really. So I saved myself the headache and bought microwavable bacon, which I then shredded into little pieces (much like my hopes and dreams during finals week). Pictured below: me, preparing for last rounds and finals.









Step 3: Combine potato chunks, cream of chicken soup, ranch seasoning (I used half of the packet instead of the full) and the box of chicken stock into the Crockpot.

So far, so good.

Step 4: Let Crockpot do it’s thang for 4-6 hours. Then, during the last 30 minutes, add the block of cream cheese.

So I chopped the cream cheese into little chunks and waited. And waited. And waited. The damn cream cheese never truly melted into the soup.



What I was left with were tiny clumps of cream cheese in my soup. The texture was off and I couldn’t bring myself to continue eating a soup with chunky cream cheese. It’s a texture thing, really. Like staring at little cottage cheese chunks floating in your food. It had me feeling a lot like Mr. Cowell.





Beside that fact, the soup had good flavor. The ranch seasoning was good- though still a bit overpowering with only half a packet. Definitely a more sour version of potato soup.

Emily: 10, Kitchen: 5



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